YASASII™ is a state of the art, all encompassing Healthcare Information System (HIS) for healthcare professionals. It incorporates all the aspects of a healthcare institution. With its simple and user friendly interface, YASASII ensures round-the-clock, efficient functioning of all departments and mitigates revenue loss for the organization. It focuses on the integration of clinical, financial and administrative sections in healthcare enterprise. YASASII™ has been designed and developed by world leading software architects with cutting-edge technologies on state-of-the-art platforms. YASASII™ is comprehensive, scalable hospital management Information software designed for use in all types of clinical settings – from a primary healthcare center to multi-specialty tertiary care hospital. The ease of use and the wealth of information provided are specifically targeted to simplify the work pressure of healthcare providers and improve the quality and work flow of the organization, thereby directly improving the bottom line. YASASII™ means simple and easy, and as the name implies, it is designed to simplify complex healthcare processes. It helps healthcare institutions go paperless. We provide advanced and meaningful use products such as practice management software and hospital information system software to reduce clinical errors of the organization.


  • Saves Lives.
  • Improve Quality of Care.
  • Reduces Costs.
  • Improve Resource Utilization.
  • Improve Patient Safety.
  • Increases staffs productivity by 30%.
  • Reduction and Redemployment of staff.
  • Provides accurate clinical data and patient records.
  • Faster clinical assessments.
  • Allows for dynamic data sharing throughout the institution.
  • Makes hospital filmless / paperless.
  • Plugs leakages in pharmacy & material department.
  • Help in better clinical audit through timely & accurate patient information.
  • Reduces medication errors by 80%.
  • Help in effective revenue management.
  • Reduces the waiting time of patients.
  • Streamlines the process flow.
  • Improves the treatment and diagnostic procedures.